• I’m Done. Over. Goodbye.

    by  • March 25, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    My life is falling apart. My aunt just died, my grandmother is dying. And I’m still not over you. It’s an addiction, a force that’s hard to fight. You used to be my knight, not my drug. I cut you cold turkey. And I want to talk to you again. But I can’t, not at the price you are, the heavy sedative you are to me. Sure I can laugh, smile, and talk to your bride to be just fine. It’s been almost five months without you. Since you carved my name into your arm, but don’t worry I’ll be a forgotten memory when it fades. Thinking of you it kills me. Bit by bit. How do smile and love, or did you not feel the way I felt about you. But I guess it’s true your not my other half. My other half would make me stronger, not this pathetic little girl. My other half would have fought to stay here with me. I’m sorry about the things I said to you. But you avoided the question, you avoided the truth. YOU KNEW that the truth is what I stand for. I’m sorry my friend is friends with an “ex”, excuse me if I don’t know what to call him. If he meant nothing why didn’t you tell me. You were mine. Mine to hold and love. But I’m sorry I couldn’t be yours to say I love you. I was dating someone else and you were his friend. I told you, I wouldn’t cheat. Sure come back. I won’t see you again. I’m not going to Ovid anymore. I’m going online. Oh and by the way, tell her the truth. You have less then ten days. Goodbye Cody.

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