• I want to warn the world

    by  • March 25, 2012 • Advice • 0 Comments

    There is a man I want to name, but won’t. His initials are CMH. He is American. He meets girls through a website called Tastebuds.

    The reason I want to warn the world is because like many other men, he spouts absolute shit to girls, to flatter them. To make them like him. He leads them on. He has many. If you speak to him, know that you are one of a great number of girls he has charmed and still is charming.

    Don’t bother with him. He is pathetic. He isn’t choosy either. A hole and heartbeat, that’s all he requires. Even then, a good facebook profile will do. And he’ll look through your pictures, and like them and comment on them and he’ll make conversation, but he won’t actually let you get to know him. He’ll dodge questions, avoid having a spoken conversation on skype. He’ll want to feel close to you, but doesn’t want you close to him. He’s not a horrible person. He’s just fucked up. Avoid him. He can’t make you happy.

    I just wish there was a girl who could’ve warned me. I wasted 3 months on him. He’s not worth 5 minutes.

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