• Here we go again.

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    Dear Bama boy,

    What the crap! What’re you trying to do to me? I was doing fine, GREAT actually, and then you gotta come in my life and complicate everything because you’re freakin amazing. You know I fell for one of you Alabama boys before, and you know where it got me? Heartbroken for over a year. And now here I am again, fallin for a guy that lives hours away. I mean I won’t see you at all during the summer, and maybe like 5 times in the fall? This is stupid. Why did you have to pursue me? Because frankly I’m fallin for you and I’m fallin fast and this terrifies me. I can’t get my heart broken again, and that’s exactly what I’m setting myself up for. Surprisingly though, that’s a risk I’m willing to take with you. Sheesh, you’re killin me..

    Go dawgs,

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