• Dear Dad

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    If tomorrow were to come and you were not here, I want you to know this;

    You taught me to be strong. To always try my hardest and to appreciate someone who has challenged me and won. I will never forget that there is no shame in losing to a better team.

    You have taught me to be honest. That there is no other way to go through life. Life without honesty would not be one worth living.

    You have taught me to trusting. That even though a person may let you down you have to trust that they are doing their best.

    And though you might have been proven wrong by some of the above you always, always, taught me to trust in myself, because no matter what everyone else thought, what was right was in my gut. It is always there and I can never ignore it.

    You have shown me that going through life without a best friend as your spouse would be one not worth living. And that being vulnerable can be one of the most amazing attributes of a person.

    You are living prove that no matter how hard times may get, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and hope must remain.

    You have shown me that it is better to have love than lost, than to never have loved at all. In all honesty, I fear that I will never find love as strong as you have experienced and that scares me more every day.

    You have the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known and I can’t imagine a life without you. You accept me for everything I have ever been or ever want be and for that I am eternally grateful. No one has ever made me feel so comfortable on this earth. There is no one more I trust my secrets with. There is nothing I can`t tell you and that is truly a gift to have a person like that in your life.

    You have taught me to believe in your dreams—you risked everything starting your company and you never gave up, even when times were tough.

    And on my wedding day, when you walk me down the aisle, there will be no one else I want by my side for you have taught me everything good there is to know in this world and I couldn’t ask for a better role model, a better friend and a better dad.

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