• Dear Chris…. YOU vindictive idiot.

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    Dear Chris,

    Hey, it’s me, you know, your girlfriend? well, now ex-girlfriend. Let me explain this to you…. I’m 19 and you’re 23. We dated for about 8 months. I loved you, oh my God did I love you. Okay, then why were you sending a 17 year old grimy ass text messages.

    Oh, that’s right your excuse…. you’re excuse saying

    “I’m so inlove with you, I got scared and tried to do something so bad that you’d end it and never talk to me again, I didn’t want to be hurt in the long run.”

    She’s a minor, you fucking idiot.

    We all work together, do you not understand I can make you lose your job? The stuff you said to her, I wouldn’t have even been comfortable hearing from you. So I tried talking to you, maybe working things out, then again, HERE WE ARE AGAIN, with the nasty ass text messages to the slut.

    Remember how you felt “uncomfortable” cause I was so much younger than you? Sure.

    Remember how you refused to go public with me cause you were “scared”?

    Remember how many times I caught you in lies and you called me a whore, a cunt, a bitch, vindictive, and a life ruiner?

    You killed all the love I had for you.

    Remember how you told me I was dead to you because I confronted you about the text messages? Remember how a few nights before we spent the night watching movies and you told me you loved me and you’d do anything to get my trust back?


    You’re so good at this! you played me, and you played me well, I will admit that.

    I fell inlove with you, and I regret every second of it.

    Remember how you promised me that you’d never do anything like that to hurt me again?

    and remember how you told me you hope I get fired and I deserve all this misery?

    Sure, hunny, sure.

    Good luck in life.

    Karma’s a bitch, remember that.

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