• A side of me you didn’t get to see

    by  • March 25, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    I Never thought i’d be writing you a letter on here but i hate confrontation, i hate talking, i hate anything that has to do with my feelings and you know that. The first day i met you i told you i would never fall for anyone again after my past and i tried pushing you away, i did, several times. But each time you never gave up on me, you never did. I never told you how beautiful and perfect you where to me. i never told you how i felt, I never told you i was scared, instead i pushed you away. I rarely talked to you but it wasn’t because i wasn’t interested, it was because i guess i’m not ready to fall in love again and get hurt. i no how to be faithful, i no how to love and be there for someone, i guess i let my past ruin my future with you, and i couldn’t apologize enough for not sinking it in your head on how you couldn’t of been any more perfect to me. I just need you to believe me on this. Right now i have a lot going on, but you wouldn’t no that because i never told you anything, all i did was show you sides of me i shouldn’t have. I showed you sides of someone i’m not even. I’m so loving in a relationship, i’m cute, i call just to say i miss you, and when i say i love you i’d mean it and by looking at me you’d no i mean it, and you never got to see that side of me. i want to figure out who i am, where i want to be, and what i want in this heart of mine. My heart still aches on my past, and thats another thing i couldn’t express to you. i hope one day i can be with you again, and be that girlfriend you wanted. I hope you one day will forgive me for never treating you like you treated me, i couldnt’ be any more sorry, and if you’re reading this, seeing you and making eye contact today, my heart beated faster, i dropped my head because i’m not only disappointed in myself, but disappointed in how much i’ve let you down.

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