• Things Shouldn’t End This Way.

    by  • March 24, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Acceptance • 0 Comments

    I am the kind of person to always apologize. To always be the one to say sorry even when it isn’t even my fault. I let people walk on me because i hate to disappoint someone. I don’t say how I really feel because i am afraid of saying something to mean.

    Well I blew that today. I pretty much freaked out. Yes this time it was a part of my fault. I shouldn’t have done what i did. But i guess i did it because of everything that was building up. You just kept going at me like stabbing me with a knife. I can only take some many stabs. I am sorry for how i said things to you. You were one of my friends. But you didn’t treat me like i was YOUR friend.

    You used me. And I knew it. But i guess you can say i didn’t want you to not hangout with me if i didn’t let you do what you wanted.

    I regret that now. i regret not standing up for myself because now look what happened. I lost you. and maybe you were worth losing. No friend should have done what you did today. I know i am not perfect. And thank God i am not.

    I am hurt by everything that happened today. I am hurt that i took so long to finally stick up for myself.

    I am strong. I can be myself because i deserve it . So I know that yes things should not have ended this way but it’s for the best. I deserve it.

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