• It Hurts to Love You.

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    I tell people about you, not because I’m trying to put the blame on you and less on me, but because you make me whole.

    Last night my aunt asked me why I love you.
    I thought about reasons all night and it’s been so hard to explain for months.

    Before I met you, my heart was closed off. I wouldn’t take any part in a realtionship. I was scared, scared of geting my heart bruised. It only took an instant to fall in love with you. I gave you one look and I knew.

    Our first kiss made my head spin, it made my entire world stop and it was just us.

    I gave you my heart and that wasn’t enough for you.
    You don’t love me back and I’m lucky to even get a “hey” in the hallway anymore.

    But, everyday gets harder and harder.
    I’m struggling to stay strong, it’s a constant battle. I’m the one for you, I can feel it.

    I’ve been holding on for far too long. My heart hurts. I love you so much that it hurts. It hurts to love you.

    I’m so afraid to open up again. I took such a big risk with you and got so attached.

    Someone asked me who I wanted next to me when all of my dreams came true.
    It’s you.

    You’re graduating in 2 months. I don’t want you out of my life. I can’t see it without you.

    I find out if I get accepted to Duke in the fall. I’m going to find out if my book is going to be published, and I want you to be there.

    Those nights spent together will always be in my heart.
    You’re arms around me felt like home.
    I’m homesick.

    J, I will always love you.
    You will forever be apart of me and I don’t regret a single thing.

    Please come back, please realize that the girl for you is right here, waiting, and I’ll be waiting for a long time, because frankly,

    I’m in love with you.
    Whatever it takes.

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