• What Hypocrites!

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    Apparently i can’t seem to do anything right anymore. Everything i do is wrong. I’m a horrible child, right dad? right laurie? i’m a burden. i don’t help around the house. i leave all the lights on. i don’t clean my dishes. i’m a bad teenager. i’m a horrible driver. i’m a “selfish bitch”. and i’m immature. thank yu parents thank yu so much for making feel so bad about myself and making me cry. yu no i love hearing yu say bad things about me to my face and behind my back. oh and by the way i actually do help around the house believe it or not. who folds yur laundry or does the dishes or puts dishes away or cleans/puts down pottie pads for the dogs or puts a trashbag in the trash after yu take it out?
    wat was tht? yu say i rarely do tht like once a month? yur so wrong. maybe the reason yu dont no it is bc i dont sit there and tell yu every good deed i do bc i like doin it without yu noticin right away. . .i know raising a teen for almost two years can be hard(seeing as i lived the others with my birth mom) cut me sum slack seriously bc yu also leave yur unclean dishes lying around, leave lights now, forget simple stuff while YU R driving, and talk smack. im trying to stay happy and positive but it doesnt help when one minute yu r nice to me and the next telling me how bad a kid i am when yu just said i was a good one.

    no love
    yur judging daughter

    p.s. stop being such hypocrites

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