• We Won’t Stop

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    Another night sitting here alone in my dorm room.
    I miss you.

    I wait for that magical green light or buzz on my phone.
    I miss you.

    These words are generic. Used by any other English speaking human being.
    But I mean it with every aching bone and muscle in my body.
    I miss you.

    I want that summer back. Golden sunshine tanning our skin as we run through parking lots searching for the car, we’re giddy and loud and look ridiculous but neither of us care. We drink copious amounts of Red Bull. We kiss in public. At night we spend hours listening to music blasting from your prized Mac computer and sip on boxed wine. We inhale wisps of white smoke and blow it out into eachother’s faces. You roll the best babe. Your skin is warm against mine and we’re always touching. Always connected. We drive your shitty car downtown and gaze at amber city lights.
    I miss you.

    Then I went away and things changed. I regret some of them. We grew up. You faster than most. We never lost touch. Letters and occasional phone calls strung us together for a year. I never stopped loving you. My best friends put up with my drunken sobbing nights when I couldn’t hold it together because I missed you so much. I was ripped apart. I thought I needed you every second of every day. But what I needed was to build me up, to learn who I was.
    I miss you.

    The day came when I saw you again. You’re hair was long and you gained weight to that skinny frame. I wanted to cry with joy and pain all at once. We hugged. That hug was the best I’d had and I never wanted to let you go again, I knew I could never live without your arms around me. Those blue eyes and a sly wink still made me blush. We were us again, obnoxiously loud and blissfully happy hurtling down the city streets, me stealing drags of your cigarette and feeling the wind whip through my long hair. We got tattoos on the same day, I squeezed the life out of your hand trying to forget about the needles. You held my leg so it would stop shaking. Peace and Love. Marked wrists that come together perfectly when we hold hands, which is all the time.

    I miss you and its only been a week.

    I love you Rob.

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