• My confession.

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    Dear Lori,

    First I want to say, you are not my enemy, nor will you ever be.:) I want to apologize if I don’t come off strong. I’ve been through alot, alot more than you think and I think it takes a strong person to get through what I went through. I have taken care of your son. I have taken him to the doctors, drove him around town, made sure he completes his homework, and even emotional and mental support. I have stuck by him through his fraternity brother’s cruelty, through his flooded apartment, and his failing grades. Like you I see so much potential for your son. He has far exceeded any expectations I could ever put on him and he is a man that I am honored, proud and happy to call my boyfriend. I want what’s best for him too.

    I’m sorry if you think I’m too fat. Would you like me better if I was thin? Is it really that superficial that you cannot like me for who I am? I know I am overweight, but why should that take precedence on how I make your son feel? And furthermore, does it truly matter if you tell me not to eat…it’s not like I don’t know unhealthy food is bad for me. I’ve been dieting and exercising and you keep gnawing on the fact that I’m overweight. I know I need to lose weight, but you need to work on your own weight issues and stop directing them towards me.

    Second of all, you say you don’t know me but we’ve met over a dozen times. Is it the fact that you don’t like me still? Or that you think we’re incompatible? You’re entitled to your opinion and of course you want what’s best for your boy…but your boy is a man…and a man who I love unconditionally. I have never cheated on him, verbally or physically abused him…never took advantage of his financial situation, never made fun of him to his friends, or mine. I have never told him he couldn’t eat, or do things he wanted. And I’ve never treated him terribly, but reasoned with him, loved him, cherished him, adored him….

    Why do you think I’m not good enough for your son?
    My parents have never criticized him like you have bashed me.

    I hope one day, you can see that I hope to marry your son…and love him for the rest of his life, hopefully with your support.

    Love, A.

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