• Fuck you, seriously.

    by  • March 21, 2012 • Betrayal • 0 Comments

    Dear biggest asshole to ever walk the planet,

    Did you think that it was okay to dump me two weeks before prom? Well what about when you used me all summer? Or the time when you convinced me to have sex with you? Oh, and the time you told me we would be together again, and that you wanted to marry me. I finally caught onto your little game, and let me say you deserve a fucking grammy for that show you put on for 2 and a half years. You used me until I figured out the game you were playing and I decided to change the rules. It killed you to see me with someone else, so you minnipulated me into thinking you were still the one. Yes, I fell for it. I realize now you only wanted what you couldn’t have. Then you date one of my friends, and when you see me hurt you promise me that we have a future, and we will always be best friends. How long did that last? Not even a month, but you’ve got quite a backbone to say I’m the bad guy. I don’t see you making a list of things that I’ve ever done to break your heart. But I also would like to say thank you, for making me understand the kind of person that you really are. And let me tell you I CANT WAIT for you to come crawling back to me. Because two can play games, and let’s just say, I never lose at my own game.

    It’s my turn to fuck with you.
    So be prepared.

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