• Dear C

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    Dear C

    I miss you more than words can say. The few months we dated was the only time I felt truly happy in my life. I never thought it would end so fast and this way. I still don’t know what I did wrong as you’ve never told me why it was over, you preferred ignoring me, again. Before I took you back I knew that I might get hurt again but I took the risk and I believed everything you said because I loved you so much. I try not to think about you but it’s so hard, my mind always takes me back to the times we had together. The hugs, the kisses, holding each other, our conversations. I can’t get my mind off it. You are always on my mind, always. I read your texts and when I see “Hey babe” or “I miss you”, I cry. I know that the things you told me weren’t all lies C, I know you meant some of it. I just want to know where it went wrong and why you did this. I don’t know if you’ll come back, you have before but I don’t whether it will happen again but if you do come back, I’m here, for now anyway. I told you that I loved you and I actually meant it. You know I was nuts about you before we even started dating. No matter how much you hurt me, my shattered heart still beats for you. I just hope you’re okay and that your life is going well. Mine sure isn’t, I started cutting again but nothing new I guess.

    C, I love you more than you will ever know. You were and always will be the true love of my life.



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