• But we can’t.

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    I wish we could live in the perfect world, where my father wasnt racist and I wasn’t afraid to be with you. I could bring you to my family and smile, showing how proud I am that you made it to state. I wouldnt fear what could happen down the road, when my dad finds out I like you. But we can’t.

    I wish we could get everything we want in life. I would never have to choose between dating you and having a great relationship with my father. I could get the prom dress in blue, the one that matches my eyes, and have one last perfect night with you before we have to part. But we can’t.

    I wish my friends would stop bugging me about you. They have to know I like you. How could they not? And they’ve met my father and know how her would feel about us. They have to know mentioning your name make my heart sing and cry at the same time. But they won’t.

    But most of all I wish we could be together. We would be perfect for each other. We would make the best out of these three months before you graduate. We would be happy and love each other and when you go off to community college next fall we could still be going strong. But we can’t.

    You have her. And every day I wish I were her, just so I could know what having you was like. But I’m not.

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