• unlucky

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    What’s the word for saying you really, really like each someone? LOVE? No that’s not it she’s too young to love right? A 14 year old girl who swore she won’t fall for any boy. She didn’t let any guys get to her, she didn’t let there bull crap get in her way. Grew up strong, independent, watching girls break down over boys, she swore no man will hurt her. Not one boy got inside her head, then there’s you, you got me. She trusted you, she wanted you, you guys could have been together, but she was blind, she didn’t see the boy that was right there in front of her. Her best friend, knew more about her then the other boy, he was a boy, the other was a man. He knew how to treat girls, but her life kept swimming around in a lost pool. She feel for the childish fool head over heels. Even though the man always liked her she was unclear, thinking she wasn’t good enough to be with him. She wasn’t ready but the man a year older was, 7 months and she stood close but not too close. Being hurt by the boy left a scar, not a scare on the outside but the in. She swore from the moment the childish boy played she won’t fall until she was ready. Months pass, the man waited and waited. The thought of her knowing she could have the perfect boy, she just knew nothing good would come to it. She didn’t want to end it, but she didn’t want to keep going. Then HE came, the tables turned.

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