• Perfect little world

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    You have created your own perfect little world.

    You have a wonderful life but with all life’s, up’s and down’s as well.
    You are successful, rich, your passion is your work, handsome, sexy and full of charm.
    The world lies to your feet.
    You have a tight knit support system, family, close friends, a girlfriend who has everything – everybody wants.
    You have it all.

    That’s not enough though.

    Those moments, those tiny moments of doubt and loneliness, moments of contemplating life’s deeper meaning, they still leave a tiny void.

    You have done it before, how far I don’t know, but it worked.
    You filled this little nagging inside yourself with love given to you.
    Safe love. Love coming from a Stranger far away from you with no fear ever to enter your life.

    Then here I came along and stumbled into your heart and sometimes even on it too.
    Completion, isn’t it?
    Every speck of you is filled with what you desire, you have it all.

    Your creation of a perfect little world, with all your beautiful reality and comfortable, safe fantasy to fill the little moments.

    While emotions are still real they are so easily excused as not, because they are controllable. Somewhat controllable. A little bit controllable.
    Okay maybe not controllable but at least you are able to rationalize them away to suit your needs.

    Your needs to fill this tiny void in your perfect little world.

    I understand completely, I do. Having a perfect world is wonderful and through all worrying in your head, never really having to worry about at least this aspect, is great. You have it all in your perfect little world and who wouldn’t want just that?

    I am not blaming you at all, and I understand, I really do. It’s opportunity offered so freely and merely taking it. Who has ever enough love, right?

    I want you to be happy and if it’s breaks so many things inside of me, and if it breaks the whole of me – I give you this perfect little world.

    It’s love I never knew exists, it’s love that doesn’t exist out side this
    perfect little world, so what’s the difference?
    Only wishful thinking, laughing at all sparks of hope since laughing is better then crying.

    Your perfect little world completes with our tiny little moments, moments that fill my entire world.

    You don’t see that because your choice is made and why bother thinking outside of your perfect little world? It’s perfect after all and if I shalt ever break to pieces, or maybe even leave, who knows

    – there might just be another me out there, in this place of Strangers, just to fill this tiny void to complete your perfect little world.

    Greedy me, fooling myself was just never good enough and I always broke free.
    Loneliness became a friend of mine – so long ago, and I mean friend quite literally.

    What’s real and what’s not anyway.
    What’s true love anyway but a fairy tale.

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