• let’s make these hardships strengthen our relationship

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    things used to be so perfect. but things are always perfect initially when our lives have not yet molded together facing the same shitty issue.

    babe, don’t you realize that it’s almost been a year of dating?
    i know you can’t forget last summer. i miss taking out orders with you at sonic. i miss the pathfinder. i miss your cuckoo mom. i miss the trails. i miss red vintage lane. i miss the endless nights. i miss the shitty motel 6. i miss steaming up the windows of my saturn with blunts and sex.

    we are perfect together. we balance each other, but those opposing factors contribute to all our fighting.
    your idealism.
    my realism.

    our lives gradually shaped to one anothers.
    i moved into the dorms for my freshman yr in college.
    you dropped out of high school and picked up a warehouse job.
    i gained trust in you.
    you met my parents (and they actually used the dining room for thanksgiving that yr)
    i smoked weed daily.
    you started selling it to ensure my total satisfaction.
    i let you drive the saturn sometimes.
    you got pulled over.
    i got arrested.
    you bailed me out when my parents refused.
    i still couldn’t stand being without you.
    you pursuaded me to sign the lease.
    i fell in love with a puppy i couldn’t have.
    you brought home Daisy.
    i never knew she had so many fleas.
    you got bitten.
    i have no transportation now.
    you have to live in that house by yourself monday-friday.
    i retreat to a flea-free dorm.
    you work about 11hrs/wk monday-saturday.
    i will never be able to comprehend the labor you perform everyday.
    you come home to a dark lonely house.
    i am getting sick of the itchiness too.
    you are beginning to hate it there at work and in the house.
    i just wish i could pet my puppies again without thinking about fleas.


    you need me.
    i need you.

    we were made for each other. we can make it.
    regardless of all our arguing..
    of the probation
    of our lack of washer and dryer
    of the lack/presence of weed
    of money
    of bills
    of expenses
    of tears
    of bruises
    of my parents
    of driving
    of our jobs
    of my stupid school
    of the fleas
    of my history…

    we’ve made it this far, haven’t we?

    and to think that the summer before you met me, you were preaching as a christian missionary to children in africa.

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