• Goodbye

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    Two days ago you took me for a walk. I thought you were acting funny but I figured I was just being paranoid. Then you stopped walking but I kept going and from behind me I heard “I don’t think we can do this anymore.” We hadn’t been fighting…we never fought actually. We were perfect. And then I said “you aren’t being serious.” You just looked at me with a face I had never seen before. I looked at you and said “I love you. Don’t you love me anymore?” And I never imagined that you would say “I thought I did.”

    And now I just feel like I shouldn’t even be alive. I wasn’t a worthwhile person when we met. I can’t believe you actually wanted to be with me. Now that you’ve left me, I feel like I’m that person again. I’m not worth anything anymore. I feel like this empty person now because I lived for you. Everything i did and thought and worked for was for you.

    And now after two years of utter bliss you just don’t love me anymore? What am I supposed to do? no one is going to want me anymore. And even if they do I’m too scared to start over again. I’m too scared to be alone

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    1. Vanessa
      March 22, 2012 at 1:09 am

      My first boyfriend was my entire world for two years of my life. We were each others everything, and everyone knew it. Everyone was always so jealous, we never fought, there was never a problem, all we needed was love.

      One day after our one and only fight, he said he needed space. He needed time to think. My world crashed down that day. I felt the pieces falling down all around me. At the time I didn’t think I could live without him, I didn’t know how to be alone, he was my rock, my everything.

      I didn’t want to let anyone in, I swore I wouldn’t ever let anyone get that close again, so I would never have to feel that kind of pain. But I made it, time has passed, years now. I learned to love again, even though I was scared, and my second boyfriend turned out to give me another amazing year and a half before life took us on separate paths.

      The important thing to know is that if I can get over him and love again so can you. Take the time to heal, and accept those who will love you in the future, don’t let the fear hold you back.

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