• Finally Putting Myself First.

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    Dear J.M

    you already know that I love you. I can sit here and type how much that truly is, but I won’t.

    what you do to people, especially girls is degrading, and insulting.
    You said you were a constant, you don’t play and torment others. Good thing I didn’t believe you.

    You’re scum to me now. The thought of you makes me ill.
    How many girls are you going to get bored of before finally coming back to me?
    I know I’m the one for you, but I deserve so much better.

    I’m tired of being put on the backburner constantly.
    I told you, I’d never give up on you and you know I’m always here.
    Well, that stops…TODAY!

    I will ALWAYS be IN love with you and there will always be a place for you in my broke, lifeless heart but I’m going to do what’s right for me and move on.

    This may sound selfish, but I need to put myself first.
    I pray to God every night and I ask him for us to finally be together, God tells me to be patient.

    I’m tired of waiting, I have gained self respect for myself and I’ve become stronger thanks to you.

    I hope the military straightens your ass out and you finally change your ways.

    it’s funny though, you play with a girl until she cooperates and when she does, you get bored and run back to what’s familiar to you.

    your mother should’ve raised you better than to be a little insecure BOY who hides between a girls legs for comfort.

    I hope Sara sees what an immature boy you are and leaves you. But then again, she fucks everything in sight too.

    I wish you the best of luck in life.

    the one that got away -M.

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