• Even in my dreams

    by  • March 20, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments

    I miss you. I never thought I’d say that. We were so close. Everday we sat with each other on the bus and laughed and had a ball. When did that change? Cuz all I know now is that were not speaking and I want to.

    I see you in the hallway and wish you’ll break the silence and come over to me and say something. Anything. Because every time I see you you seem to go the other way. And it’s been over a month since we last talked.

    Did I do something wrong? Do you hate me now? Cuz I don’t know what went wrong. One day we were talking in the halls and laughing together on the bus, and the next it was like we never knew each other. And now all I know is that even in my dreams you aren’t speaking to me.

    I rarely dream, you know that. And recently every time I do, it’s about you. But even in these dreams to refuse to speak to me. And I wake up in the morning feeling even worse than I did the day before.

    Please. Talk to me. I miss you. I can’t deal with this cold shoulder anymore. I don’t even know what went wrong.

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