• You Are Just Like the Rest:(

    by  • March 19, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    Dear Nico,
    You are just like the rest of the guys out there in the world. One day you have me, talking about “our future together” and then the next day you have a girlfriend, a month goes by you break up with her and now your with another. I thought you were different! Made me feel wanted and like I actually mattered in the real world. But the truth is I am just some girl you hit n’quit. And now I am sitting here crying writing this thinking about you and our past. I guess to you I was just some girl to get action with, but to me you were the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. But then, you ripped my heart out causing me so much pain, shed so many tears over you. Some guy that is younger than me, not even a man, just a scared little boy that doesn’t know what he wants. I thought I was what you wanted back then, but then I realized you just want to be that player everyone talks about. Truth is, there will always be that place in my heart that still loves you because you were the first guy I actually loved and now you’re gone. Walked completely out of my life. So many songs and objects remind me of you and that hurts a little and makes me sad all over again. In other words, I love you, always have always will no matter how you see me. I can’t stand to see you because I show anger on the outside, but I am crying on the inside. I have tried to get over you! Believe me I have, but it has been impossible. People have told me, girl just get over him he is a player, he is younger, he doesn’t really care at all, he is clingy, he just wants sex, but that isn’t the kind of guy I see in you. But maybe I was wrong, only caring about my sexual needs instead of what is really in front of me. I see couples walking around all happy and that’s what I wanted with you, but that’s not what you wanted. Crying all the time on the inside because I know I am not happy without you. I don’t cry over anything, except this. I cannot get over you and you don’t care but I will always love you. And I will strive to make you mine because I am missing you.

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