• Why oh why?

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    As time pass by when I was young I’m so happy with my life. Simple, nothing much too worry about. Smile, laugh, cry for some shallow reasons. I have never been in love that time. The only reason why I cry is if my wants doesn’t given to me or I got wound. During my elementary years I have many crush. Crush here, Crush there, Crush everywhere. But when I met you on a jeepney all things change. I’m so confused of what I feel for you. After I saw you that time I keep on wishing that I hope I could see you again. Then, thank God it came true. Fortunately fate keep us on sight. We became friends because of my cousin. Then when I got first year in highschool we became textmates. Then I became your girlfriend. We broke up many times. But I keep on accepting you despite of your worst reasons. I became blind for being deeply in love with you. Then after 2 years we met again. Then we became friends. We have mutual understanding. Then you treated me better than before. But when I say yes everything changed. You cheat over me again. After our 1st monthsary 1 week after we broke up.

    Until now I love you. Don’t know how to let you go and forget you. Why oh Why? Maybe you’re my first love.

    fooled by you

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