• thanks dad

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    Thanks dad your a wonderful mad ppfftt right you’re a fucking joke!!! i can honestly in my 19 years i have only ever met one person who is a as selfish and manipulating as you and i fucked him out of my life too!!

    i can accept the fact you fell out of love with mum i know you cheated i know this was when i was 2 i know you got married when i was 8 and never told me i know you told mum you never wanted me and luke or her i know you had my half sister and didn’t tell me till she was 6 months old i know you’re a vindictive miserable self centered cunt but don’t you dare blame it on my mum she has been there for me in ways you will never know she brought me up with my step dad who i do consider my dad to me you’re a fucking sperm donor with the privilege of calling me and luke yours.

    you don’t know how old i am you had to ask who bad is that you don’t want to even think that me and luke are yours that’s fine by me but luke is still young and thinks that the sun shines out of your arse but he will soon see the sad thing is i can see part of your selfish lying streak in him i’m hoping that will change but he is your son.

    i feel sorry for my half sister, your other daughter well your only daughter in your eyes and your wifes she’s a fucking little whore bag too when we used to come visit she would always have a go at me for things i hadn’t done or pick on my mum when she is the one who looks like a man with tits attached bright orange and has to have designer lables to make herself feel important well she’s a fucking wank sain on this planet.

    you are the only person i have met who can say so little and make me mad within seconds or make me cry out of no where just by being you!!! the things you lie to me about i know you’re still working in the RAF i know you’re on good money i know you own your house i know your house i know your friends i know you come back to this country all the time to see nan and granddad but i haven’t seen you in 3 years i haven’t seen my own sister brooke either one day she will be old enough to ask who me and luke are and she will find out when your wife’s claws aren’t in her and i’ll tell her anything she asks i feel sorry for her though there isn’t much hope for her with parents like the both of you selfish sly fuckers who look after number one but there we are i don’t care like i said glen is my dad you wonder why i don’t tell you anything about me it’s because you lie about everything about you for some reason you don’t want me or luke to know anything about you well there are things you don’t know about us and your time will come i’ll get you back one day daddy!!! you don’t know i have met the love of my life and he is the opposite of you he never lies and he loves me no matter what he knows everything there is to know about me unlike you and one day when i get married you wont know glen will give me away, when i have kids they won’t know you glen is their granddad anything that ever happens to me you will never know and you will be gone before brooke has kids i mean when she is 10 you will be 50 so you are missing out and your son is carrying on your name he’s the only one and even he wants to change it to glen’s we owe you nothing and we want nothing i can’t wait till luke stops wanting to see you then i don’t have to go with him to make sure your little wify doesn’t do her manipulating like she did with me. good luck with that monster when you both get older she isn’t gonna get better looking ha!! my mother is 10 times the woman she is my mum’s beautiful in every way and she is still turning heads now look what you gave up stupid prick.

    enjoy your empty selfish life with your cold hearted wife and poor daughter who doesn’t stand a chance….


    your old lost princess

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