• sigh

    by  • March 19, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    writing my thoughts on this is stupid. but i guess it feels like an outlet. but an outlet to what? i don’t know. i miss your kisses. and your eyes. i miss your bed and your cat and your mom and your piano. i wish things could’ve worked out for us. i wish there wasn’t so many obstacles in the way of what could’ve been. the fact that she’s in the way and i’m not enough, it’s not right. it settles weird in my stomach. i fail to look deep into it because i can’t keep my mind on it for that long. it’s so hard to try and think about what happened because not even i am sure. i wonder if you truly are scared. but i wonder if you truly are an asshole. seeing you sucks. it sucks a lot because all i can think of is all the times you’ve made me smile. a text or an inbox or a joke or an unexpected kiss you somehow managed to fix everything. but i have to move on, because if i don’t the only thought in my head will be what could’ve been with you and i know there’s nothing left for us. my only hope is that sometime in the future you can settle with how much i adored you and maybe, maybe one day you will come back.

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