• Perfection At It’s Greatest.

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    We barely started talking. It was 3 weeks of talking until we decided to start dating. This is gonna sound so cliche, but you were different than the other girls. We had to break up because your parents disapproved of me. I wish they would believe you that I’ve changed. I’m not the same person I was last year. I know they know of the history of my drug problems. But do they know why I turned to drugs and alcohol? Because I have an abusive mother and no dad to look up to. Counselors & therapists never helped, they always took my mom’s side. Nobody ever helped me. I got into the wrong group of friends and got pretty fucked up. But I’m a new guy. Better friends, sober, but there’s one thing…I’m depressed. My anti-depressants aren’t helping, I went back to cutting. I’m in a horrible state. I miss you. I was so happy around you. Never sad or depressed, shit, I couldn’t even bare a frown around you. You brightened up my day. Your smile, gave me reassurance, and made my day, EVERY DAY. whenever you touched me, whether it be holding my hand or hugging me, I would just melt inside. Your personality? Don’t even get me started. You’re perfect. You care about everything, you’re the sweetest girl I’ve met. You’re the first girl I’ve met who’s personality matches their looks. Perfection at it’s greatest. You’re absolutely breath-taking, everyday I see you, I get lost for words and I’m dumbfounded. When I’m with you I get nervous and shaky, I always get those butterflies in my stomach. I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. I believe you’re the other half, you complete me. You cure my illness, babe. I could never be sick around you, you made the feelings disappear. I always thought my heart would always remain broken, but you took those pieces and mended them together and saved me from killing myself, but now since I can’t be with you, those feelings of suicide, depression, all came back. You saw the cut of the night you broke up with me….I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but the biggest mistake I made was letting you go. I still believe there’s a chance for us. I believe there’s Hope for us. Someday your parents will see the changed me, and realize how right I can treat you, and that I would never let anything hurt you. But for now, making you smile everyday is my goal. I want you to be happy. It looks great on you. Someday, I’ll have the guts to tell you the truth. I believe I’m in love with you. And someday…maybe we will try again. But one things for sure: I’m not giving up.

    Stay beautiful.
    -Your Hercules.

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