• I wish it was different

    by  • March 19, 2012 • Fear • 0 Comments

    You seem like the kind of guy I could look forward to being with.
    I love being around you. You make me insanely, insanely happy.
    Everytime I see your face, my smile gets brighter than the sun.
    I just have the fear that you like other girls.
    And no, that wasn’t a type-o… GIRLS.
    I wish you would tell me the truth, so it wouldn’t get harder and harder everytime I fall even more in love with you.
    But you talk to so many girls, and say you’re focused on just me?
    It’s so hard to believe with a past like mine, and yours.
    I’ve been cheated on in all of my long term relationships, aside from one.
    I thought you understood my trust issues, and respected my wishes not to flirt with girls.
    I guess not… because Lexie is such a “wonderful piece of human art” to you.
    I told you something yesterday, and I meant it.
    Even if it seems rediculas to most people.
    You’re acting like an ass right now. And I wish I could say these things to your face, but I’m afraid, and I’m cowardly.

    I’m sorry.

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