• Goodbye C

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    This is my final goodbye to you. Goodbye to the summer we shared. Goodbye to the laughs. Goodbye to the memories. Goodbye to the love we made. Goodbye to feeling on top of the world with you by my side. Goodbye to holding your hand and feeling invincible. Goodbye to getting lost in your beautiful eyes. Goodbye to the smile that you put on my face each and everyday. Goodbye to the way you made me feel like I was someone…like I was something…like I mattered. Goodbye love. So long to the sleepless nights. So long to the tears that you watched fall from my face without bothering to wipe them away. So long to the lies and the games you played. So long to you making me feel useless each and every day. So long to trying to change you. So long to believing you. So long to forgiving you time and time again. So long all the hurt you caused me. So long to the hurtful words. So long to the confusion. So long to trying everything in my power just to please you and make this relationship work. So long to feeling broken. So long love. Hello broken heart. Hello pain. Hello feeling lost. Hello feeling alone. Hello tears. Hello realization. Hello to realizing what you deserve. Hello to looking forward. Hello to turning the page. Hello to ending the chapter. Hello to being content. Hello to taking it day by day. Hello to seeing the beauty in everyday. Hello to seeing ordinary miracles occurring every passing second. Hello to a smile. Hello to knowing that everything will be okay.

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      Simply amazing.

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