• Billy

    by  • March 19, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Dear Billy,

    I need to tell you something. I don’t know how you’ll react. I’m not usually in this position. I’m usually on the other side, watching someone else’s feelings play out. I’ve never told anyone this without being absolutely sure of the other person’s answer but I think I have to tell you..

    I’m in love with you.

    It’s crazy right?? How in the world did I make the mistake of falling in love with someone so unwaveringly apathetic?

    You don’t seem to care about love. One friend thinks you’re practically asexual, the other thinks you’re too afraid of failure. 26 years old and never dated anyone… You’ve said before that you are extremely empathetic. Maybe the small bits of affection I’ve gotten from you are simply because you feel bad for me. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut because no matter how you feel I will be complicating my friendship with you and your two best friends.

    But here’s the thing. I think you may love me too. I think you don’t know what to do with that love because you’ve never dealt with love before. And I think that when two people are in love, nothing should stand in their way.

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