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    Dear Paolo,
    I still remember the day we met. We were so young. Since that day i can honestly say that I believe in love at first sight. It was immediate. That split second I saw you was like a thunderbolt. I loved you from that moment. We were children. I have often been bewildered by the feelings that overtook me at such a tender age. They were the feelings of a full fledged woman. And the lengths that you went to see me were beyond any child i have ever known. It was/is such a strange, magickal phenomenon. Then you were gone… Only to reappear in my life 12 years later to again remind me of those long buried feelings and then disappear again. This time to the another part of the world. So, i married.. And tried to forget. That night he asked me to marry him, i laid in my bed, held your picture and wept for hours. Finally after i was all cried out, i ripped your picture to shreds, only half believing i would never see you again. My life went on. I had children and moved you to the remote recesses of my mind. Until 12 years later i am putting gas in my car and like some miracle, there you were. In my obscure little town. I sat in my car and watched you. My heart racing and moving up into my throat. Logic desperately screaming at me that it isn’t you. You looked like you but tired. And like you had a heavy weight you were bearing. I convinced myself that it couldnt possibly be you so I drove off. So, that moment thrust you back into my conciousness. It was some months before i looked you up and was shocked to discover you were working just a few minutes from my home. It was you I saw. So, you would email me.. And say weird things. Things that would make me think and wonder if you felt anything like I was feeling. Then i wouldn’t hear from you. And then i would hear from you. And then running into you took the cake. I was shaking when i pulled over. I noticed the grey in your hair. And i found reasons to touch you. You told me you were scared of your wife. That she was kinda mean and would go crazy for being late. You didn’t seem like you. I didn’t hear from you 7 months after that. Your timing always frustrated me. When you finally called and asked me to meet you, i felt sick.. So we met and i had to show you what i had saved for 26 years. I wasn’t sure what you would think. I’m sliding into 40 in a few years so i really didn’t care at this point. I can’t be ashamed. You seemed nervous. But i saw that look. I know what that look was. My eyes don’t lie.. It was hard sitting in my car with you. I had the urge to run away… You are as beautiful as ever. I will love you forever. I hope i hear from you soon.

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