• Dear Barry

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    Dear Barry,

    I know the time we had is over. It was a great time and ended through no fault of my own. Infact you deserve all the blame. Instead of hating you I would love you to find this and read this it, and hopefully never put another girl through what I went through.

    For a start, don’t tell someone you love them because you think it’s what they want to hear. It’ll only confuse them and make them feel like they can trust you that little more every time. I broke down barriers for you and thought you really liked me for who I was. We had so much fun together…

    Don’t just run out of anyone’s life without an explanation, especially if that person has genuine feelings for you.

    Don’t use a person to talk to about your problems if you wouldn’t comfort them in return. You made me feel genuinely sorry for you and made me feel that you were sweet and sensitive. I gave you advice, and you knew fine well I had feelings for you. Whenever I had a problem, you just flipped it round to your day, your problems and your depression. If you truly love that person you will listen and let her trust in you.

    Don’t treat a girl differently to impress your friends. Don’t think that betraying the trust she gave you will make you look like a hero; you’ll just look like a douche.

    Don’t spend three years getting to know a girl just to break her heart. Don’t pretend that you don’t care what anyone thinks of you because the truth is, you do. You would rather be the class clown than the guy any girl could settle down with.

    Don’t think a date consists of a drive in your car at 1AM. Ask a girl in advance; don’t make her be your booty call.

    Don’t see a drunk girl and take it as your opportunity to “score”. If anything happened, don’t boast about it until you talk to that girl first. Consider her feelings. Don’t ruin her reputation.

    Don’t think that you’re better than her, especially if a few days before you were asking her for more time, more love and more work.

    Don’t be afraid to say sorry…

    I know these are a list of commands and I can’t force you to do them. All I’m asking you to do is think; Think of what you’re doing and the consequences. Be that boy who loves a girl and isn’t afraid to show it. Treat her well, because I know you’re a great guy. You deserve to find someone who loves you, even though you broke me. You deserve to be happy. I was young and naive. I thought you cared. Don’t call me when you’re drunk because I want to get over you so badly and it doesn’t help. I will still love you and I want you to have a great life. Please take my advice,

    The Girl You Never Loved.

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