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    Dear J,

    I met you 6 months ago, October 2011 to be exact.
    the first moment we locked eyes, I knew that I was going to love you oneday.
    We spent that whole 3 day weekend together, in bed, talking, kissing, loving one another.
    I accused you of using me for sex.
    I wouldn’t give it up.
    you said that my kiss mesmerized you and that you had a feeling you were gonna fall deep for me.
    I’m not an express your feelings, being sensitive kinds girl but I was with you.
    We dated for 2 days. You broke up with me because you were not ready to be in a relationship.
    we stopped talking for about a month or two.
    I still couldn’t get over that gut feeling in my stomach that you were the one.
    December 2011, I find out that you and I were somehow related.
    We talked again. You freaked out. I pretended I did too, but all I can think of is how much I love you.
    January 2012, we hung out for the first time in months. I got drunk and we went back to your place.
    I told you I was ready to sleep with you.
    so this time, we actually did.
    You told me afterwards that things have changed and you’ve moved on.
    I was devastated.
    I started to write you a letter, one a day.
    I want to give them to you so bad but I’m afraid of what you’ll think.
    If loving you means moving on and letting you be happy, then be happy.
    I want that with all my heart.
    I keep thinking that God keeps pulling us together and pulling us apart for a reason.
    you claimed that you wanted to “have fun.”
    I’m not gonna stop you.
    I just wish that one day you realize that I’m the one for you, but by then I hope I realize that you’re not the one for me.
    you will always be in my heart, but I’m letting you go so I can be free.

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