• Dancing in the rain

    by  • March 17, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 0 Comments

    Dear you,
    I could see you as the one I want to dance in the rain with, talk on the phone for hours with. You could have been the one standing outside my house holding a boom box up just like John Cusack in “Say Anything”. When you asked me out to lunch, I was so excited. And also nervous. I clam up around guys that I really like and you were no exception.
    We had one awesome week before you decided you didn’t want to risk ruining our friendship with a relationship. And that’s how it ended, with us going back to being just friends. Now you’re back to flirting incessantly with me. And I’m confused. But you know what? Two can play at that game. It’s time to flirt back. Maybe you still like me? Maybe?

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