• Because of you

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    Dear dad,
    because of you I will never trust a man. Because of you I think everyone is out to get me. Because of you I assume every person is a manipulator. Because of you I fear myself and what I might become.
    Because you were selfish and wanted to inflict pain on me to prove to yourself you had power over others I will never trust anyone completely.
    You molested your daughter because you could. You didn’t think things through and now you act like I’m lying (you’re not a man but a whiny little boy who only thinks of himself). You’ve turned people against me and you act like you are the victim in the situation.
    Because of you I hate people and I hate men. Because of you I dream of killing assholes like you and then I hate myself for thinking those things.
    Because of you I have to fight for every scrap of happiness in my life because naturally I shy away from human interaction. I wish I was never born. I wish you had never set eyes on me and I wish I had told the authorities when you were abusing me but I didn’t because you told me not to. You betrayed my trust and for that I am forever scarred.
    Because of you I will never have healthy relationships.

    -signed by a daughter who wishes her father nothing but the misery he inflicted on her.

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    1. Jane
      March 18, 2012 at 10:16 pm

      take heart

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