• It’s Called Kings

    by  • March 16, 2012 • Anger • 4 Comments

    I am angry because I hate to be angry and because I hate to be angry I’m angry angry makes me smoke too much and drink too much and eat too much or not enough binge this and binge that saturate yourself in something or the other to forget the fact that I’m angry I’m angry because I don’t like who I am who I become when I am angry I’m mean and vengeful and vile and acid and ulcers and high blood pressure and headaches and backaches and aches and aches and aches and my head aches when I think how much I ache when I’m angry and how constipated I get when I realize how much I ache because I am so angry I am so angry I don’t want to wake up much less go to bed that’s how angry rage rage rage fear pain anger I’m angry because why can’t we all be the same not some have too much while others not enough of nothing to eat not enough of a house over our heads not enough of the pain in our hearts that makes us so angry angry angry because don’t tell me that some guy sleeping on a stoop down the stoop from where you live doesn’t make you angry or the $40 real live trees that sell so good smell so good when you go by a whisper in our minds of a time gone by a time when the wind smelled of the sea or of trees a clean clear smell no more long time gone by your need to get out of the city and how many of us get a chance to get out of the city rolling up our pennies those of us who still have any left you know you are poor when you have to count your pennies in America in the land of milk and honey brotherly love brother kills brother for a woman for a life for a piece of the land we shoot each other up day after day after day we shoot each other up because we’re so angry we’re so angry we break things we throw things and scream and scream and hurt and cry and cry and rage and scream and cry and want to kill and want to die because we want to kill ourselves most of all because we’re so angry one must get very angry to put on a white robe white being the color of virtue of grace and add a white hood covering up the rage from our face and go burn a white cross on somebody’s lawn because of their color or creed or else to put on a white robe and stand on a white alter covered with the most exquisite white cotton and lace and hold up a gold chalice filled with the red blood in which we submerge a white wafer and eat and drink of another’s flesh and blood in the name of the Lord in the name of the Lord this is my land says the conqueror and kills and kills with the ease and grace in the name of the Lord whose Lord is my Lord your Lord is my God your God is your God my God do I believe in God do I believe in the Lord and Dukes and Earls and Princes and Pearls and Lords and Knights Of The Round Table around the table of the Lord of the round table who rules above all and tells all the knights who sit around the round table what to do when to jump where to live divine right of kings have divine rights and dukes and earls and princes and pearls and lords the lord of the land and the supreme commander of the armed forces of all the nations and the people the masses of people who believe in the lord homeless wanderers wandering moving running from the landlord constantly moving constantly moving because the landlord owns all the land constantly moving in the name of the lord constantly moving constantly moving I’m angry I’m angry I’m angry I . . . am . . . just . . . so . . . angry.

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    1. peace
      March 16, 2012 at 5:59 pm

      Have peace in your heart and soul. Keep in mind that anger is a secondary emotion. You might be sad or depressed about whatever is going on in your life besides what you just described. Have peace, know that all injustices in this life will be put to an end sometime soon. God is good. He is alive and well and He will respond one day. Just rest and trust in Him.

    2. Cat
      March 16, 2012 at 7:37 pm

      This reads like the label on Dr. bronners magic soap.

    3. evey
      March 17, 2012 at 8:56 pm

      This reminds me of work from Saul Williams

    4. Rose
      March 18, 2012 at 1:33 am

      This reminds me of Vonnegut in so far as the main character is clearly insane.

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