• Your Mind and Her Heart

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    Really, you are the only thing that keeps me believing that just maybe, she and I are meant to be together. I have incredible respect for you and know you to be quite wise and rational. You are her father and you know her better than anybody else, myself included. So hearing that you believe she is still in love with me renews the spirit that dwells within my heart that longs for just that.

    I talked to her a couple days ago when she brought that up, then asked me what I thought. I thought I’d be straightforward and ask if it were true, knowing her answer would be the same as the one she’s given you numerous times. I knew she’d deny it. I knew she’d say she loved me, but not romantically, though it’s the first time in a long time I’ve heard her say it directly.

    Yet I wonder exactly what’s going on here. Somebody is wrong here, but the question is: who? The observant youth pastor or the girl who actually owns the heart in question? The possibility remains I suppose that you are merely seeing what you *want* to see because I know you how you’d feel about us being together again in that way. Or perhaps she’s unsure of her own feelings herself and/or the timing just isn’t right yet.

    There isn’t much else for me to do except wait it out and see where God takes the two of us. I’m thinking that it isn’t the right time for either one or both of us because I’m putting faith in your judgment. Three years is a long time indeed, but she is worth the wait. You have an incredibly beautiful and wonderful daughter and I do sincerely wish her the best in life and love, whether or not your theory proves true. And right now, I am truly blessed to have her as my friend. 🙂


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