• Confused? Not me

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    Forgive me for being confused, but seriously what are you playing at? You tore pieces from my heart with the start of every sentence you spoke, just to replace the broken bits back in place by the end of each sentence. You want to but you can’t, you dont but you do, you wont but you would like to.

    You say this is the end, but still want to see me. You say your not fussed, but can’t tell me your not interested as that would be a lie.

    I know somewhere deep inside you’re fragile, I know you care and that if I was closer things would be different!! So, things are not perfect and long distance requires effort, but is that really a good enough reason to walk away.

    It’s like you have conveniently managed to forget what we shared when I last seen you, when we sat up for hours talking, when you pulled me close to tell me I am beautiful. When you poured your heart out to me, when you asked me to give up EVERYTHING to be with you, I’m sorry I can’t just walk away from everything I have and know for a man who isn’t sure.

    As I sit here and reread what I have wrote, I have come to realise one thing, it’s not me who is confused, it’s you. And for that I am sorry, I love you enough to wish I could make it better. I want everything we talked of and the dreams I shared with you, but only when you stop it with the ifs buts and maybes!

    You tell me I deserve more, so I ask only one thing of you …. Show me, please! Before the broken pieces of my heart that are sitting so fragiley in place start to fall away.

    I want you here to make me feel safe again

    I miss you already.

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