• I’m Sorry…

    by  • March 14, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Sorry • 0 Comments

    I really would like to apologize to you because of my little act of stupidity. I wanted to legit apologize in person but you’re rather intimidating when upset. I feel terrible for making you lug me around everywhere; I really wish you didn’t have to. I understand it wasn’t a fantastic day for you and I am terribly sorry that I had to add to that so considerably. I had every intention of going along with the plan we had set up, I didn’t realize that one little slip would turn into such a snowball effect of pain in the ass. Being inconsiderate to something you worked so hard for is probably the worst feelings I can experience [disappointment, failure, ect.], especially when it’s someone I respect. I respect you a lot. I know I’m just rambling excuses now, but please know I am really sorry to screw it up and waste your time. I’ll put every fiber of my being into making sure I learned from this mistake and won’t make it, or one like it, again.

    And, I suppose it’s safe to say now that I was acting so stupid because I liked you, a lot. Not so much anymore, just because I’ve learned more about you, like your ex-wife, girlfriend and son. I wouldn’t fit into that and would only cause more trouble for you and myself, so I gave it up.

    Love you anyways, for other various reasons.

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