• I could be the Girl Who Waited

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    My Doctor,

    I’m waiting for you. I always have been. I’m waiting for you to come take me, so we can run and run and run.

    I don’t care what you’re running from. We’re all running from something.

    Let me run with you.

    -The Bad Wolf

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    1. Uncool
      March 13, 2012 at 1:38 pm

      If I didn’t know any better, this references when The Doctor and his companions basically figure out that Bad Wolf translated into Dalek as well as the reference to Amy Pond waiting for Rory and the Doctor for way too long in that time stream place.

      Those nerdy references aside, I think we all run for one reason or another, some from our past others from our present. But if there is one recurring thing that remains consistent is that we are all expecting to run into something, to someone that knows what we are going through. Broken people seek those who want to meld them back together when in fact they meet who those people irregardless of that.

      One way to look at it is that one should stop running and face those who are around you very closely. That person may be more then just a companion, so to speak.

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