• Dear Drew

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    Moments in time we thought it would work. We fought so hard for 4 years to try and make it work. We thought last week that there was a second chance to try one more time. It didn’t work. It really is moving in the direction where I’ll never have you to hold anymore. You’ll no longer be a part of my life. I’ll never be a part of your life. We can no longer call each other what we used to. It frightens me that someday maybe someone else will take the place that I once took. They will never know what we had and the memories we made together.

    We gave love a fighting chance. You will always be my first for everything. When I said I love you I meant it. I know you loved me the best way you knew how. It’s no longer safe. It never really was safe.

    Letting go….I don’t know if my heart will ever heal. Spent so much time apart from you that my emotions were all over the place too. But I’ve come through it all to see the truth…it will never be safe with you. While my family supports me I would rather change how our love story ended… a part of that was up to you.

    You will always have a piece of my heart that no one else will. It has been a painful and lonely journey living without you so far. Now a journey begins for me…to begin picking up the pieces of my life without you forever.

    Te amo mi amor (as we used to say to each other),
    Your first love

    P.S. I remember when we listened to “The Prayer” so many times and cried. Ours was not meant to be.

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