• Jack

    by  • March 12, 2012 • Confession • 0 Comments

    I want to wake up in bed with you, eat breakfast with you, get dressed with you, play xbox games with you, watch movies with you, hold your hand and watch TV. Send cute texts, buy you gifts, nap together, wear your hoodies when I’m cold because God knows I’m adicted to your scent. Look into your eyes and watch the stars shine with you, cook for you, walk in the rain with you, fall asleep on your chest, snuggle, mess up your hair then watch you fix it. Kiss you goodnight and be the closest person in the world to you. I want you to miss me and need me in your life – to not wanna go a day without speaking to me. Remember my habits – good and bad, know my pokerface. Hide my face from the world when I cry, write me a score and play me it. Watch me laugh, kiss me infront of everyone. Tell everyone I’m your girl. Defend me against danger, be dangerous. Yell, scream and swear at me. Fight with me and then make me forgive you.

    Because I fucking love you Jack. Whenever I’m not with you – I want to be. I can’t tell you this because you don’t like the sappy crap but good lord I love you so much and I want you so much. Always.

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