• Heartless

    by  • March 12, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    Two years ago I never would have thought this would be my life. Here. In this spot. I always thought I was stronger than this and could handle anything that came my way. Until you came. You taught me that life isn’t always supposed to be so serious and that all you needed to do was have fun. That life’s too short to have regrets. You taught me how to love myself for who I was and to never change it because I’m beautiful the way I am. You taught me that if someone makes you happy, that you should stay with them as long as you can. You’ve taught me what real love is and that once you have it you should never let it go because it doesn’t come around often. But you let it go. You let us go. You let me go. I’ve learned if you love something so much to fight for it with everything you have. I guess I didn’t have enough. Hearing you whisper “I love you” put the biggest smile on my face. There’s not a day, a hour, a minute, or a second you don’t cross my mind. The hurt, the pain, the tears you’ve caused me were worth the laughs, the smiles and the love I got from you. I loved you with everything I had but sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes love doesn’t conquer all. Most days, I don’t feel anything. I’m heartless and I’m numb. You were my everything. But you destroyed me from the inside out. You took everything from me. I feel as if I can’t be happy without you being the biggest part of my life. You didn’t treat me the way I deserved to be treated and that’s what broke us. but I’m always going to forgive you. I’ll always want to be with you but I know it can’t happen so I finally surrender. I give up. I’m physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. I’ve done my waiting and I have nothing else left to give. I gave you my heart and if that’s not enough, then I guess I’m not enough.

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