• From one selfish bitch to another

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    To my former KS

    We’ve been arguing all god damn day about this. You want me to help you get back into her life, and I don’t want you anywhere near her if it’s possible.

    Just a minute ago you finally managed to hit a nerve with me. That I’ve been breaking her heart for eight years. Like you never broke her? You broke her into tiny little pieces after so long of having her wrapped around your little finger and who was there to pick up the pieces and put her back together? Oh that’s right, it was me!

    But you’re right. You accused me of not being able to see what I was doing to her. You think I’m an idiot? You think I don’t see it, that it doesn’t kill me, to know that I’m hurting her? I have been wracking my brains for the past few years trying to find the answer. Cutting her out of my life isn’t an option, it hurt her more and I won’t do that again. If you have any suggestions, go right ahead!

    In that respect, we have more in common than either one of us would care to admit. I still don’t like you, but somehow you’ve managed now to convince me to help you. Because the truth hurts, and that’s exactly what you gave me. So good luck trying to get back into her good books, now that I’ve given you my advice on how to do it. I hope it gets you somewhere, I really do.

    Because you’re right: she’s too special a person to lose. She is golden, she is everything good, and having lost her for a little while myself, I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. Not even you.

    From your former KS

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