• 251 days

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    Dear Andyroo,

    i guess i’m just writing this for closure, the closure you never gave me. it’s been 251 days since you sent the text that changed my life. everything was perfect in my mind. silly me. we dated for the longest time that i just began to trust you with everything i had in me. you knew everything and that made me feel so comfortable and happy in your arms. but i guess no amount of time, trust, or happy memories matters anymore. why couldn’t you just pick up your phone?! why did you have to just type it? i was sitting on my couch watching a movie and nonchalantly picked up my phone to see what you said and my breath was gone. you were gone. i don’t remember exactly how many times i had to re-read that message, but i was frozen in disbelief. tears didn’t stop for weeks. why did you have to do it like that? you are a great guy A but cmon.. a text? really?! the way you ended things made it a zillion times harder to get over. and to make it worse you haven’t spoken to me since. but right now i’m choosing to get over you. you will no longer run my life. so have fun with that new girlfriend of yours because i KNOW no one could ever treat you better than i did.


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