• stupid happiness.

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    You think I am ditzy.
    Just a dumb clueless blonde.
    The thing is.. I wish I was a dumb clueless blonde.
    Not knowing and seeing all the troubles in the world.
    Being dumb and happy.
    I would do anything to be happy.
    You may think I am always happy.
    You say I am the happiest person you know.
    But I never am genuinely happy.
    I just put on a show.
    Sometimes I wish I could be the character I play.
    I try so hard to be her.
    But it’s just a fake.
    And it will never be me.
    I would do anything for it.
    Unfortunately, I am very wise.
    I know too much.
    I think too much.
    I try to act stupid.
    Act blind to all the troubles.
    But I see everything.
    And pretending things are nonexistent will never make them disappear.
    I just want to be happy.
    I just wish I was happy.

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      March 11, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      Like Forrest says; Stupid is stupid does.
      You are beautiful just the way you are,
      don’t ever try to be someone that you are not.
      Don’t try to be her!

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