• to the perfect man

    by  • March 10, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Disappointment • 0 Comments

    dear you,

    ya you the perfect boy, the one who im’s me just to talk to me. to risk getting in trouble just to see my text. to walk with me in the hallway and have the big grind no girl can avoid. the boy who says when he only has his eyes on one girl he says he means. then there’s me who’s the flirt who doesn’t want to hurt you but isn’t good at relationships.

    TWO best friends that soon came into terms of liking each other and everyone who said we’d be together, just pushed us a part. i cant imagine a world with out you but i can’t picture us being something more. i’ve hurt us, im not good at relationship and i cant say much but i miss you. i regret our decision because every time i see you i can’t stop and imagine you with a different girl.

    As these words follow out of me pictures and visions flow out of my brain of what we were, or could have been. then there’s him, the boy who came out of the blue and by chance, you felt second choice, but you were both dead even. i couldn’t pick so you picked for me you picked him. but he can’t be the man you’ll be, i love you both. and as i write i love you i know we were never something but 5 months of talking to you everyday i thinks terms come to me and say i liked you more than a lot and a little less than love.

    A letter i’ll never send by saying sorry and you were always there, but love is blind and i was to blind to see the right choice was..you.

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