• Help.. I can’t decide

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    I am torn between letting you go and going to see you. I told you I was going to visit you for my break, but now that it is here and the time has actually come, I am thinking that I shouldn’t. The last time I visited you was about three years ago when I thought we would be something, turns out a month after I left you got a different girlfriend. We didn’t talk for awhile, and not for lack of me trying, but because you couldn’t. We planned to go to the same college and life was suppose to just fall in place. I chose not to go to school with you but somehow we started talking again. We talk frequently now and we both have feelings for each other still. I worry that if I do visit you that you will just do the same thing you did last time and that you don’t take me seriously when I say I want to be with you. But I also worry that not visiting you will have consequences too. I just can’t decide if it is worth it. I can’t decide if you are worth me getting hurt again. I hope you wouldn’t hurt me again, but history has a tendency of repeating itself with us. So I am torn.

    I need some help. I need advice. I don’t know much about love, and I’ve never been in love. But you are the closest I have been to loving. Do I let go and move on? or give you another shot? my mind is playing games with me and I’m going a little crazy.

    So if you read this, which you probably didn’t, what do you think? I just need this put in perspective for me. Someone show me some clarity because I can’t get it for myself no matter how much I try.
    should I stay or go?

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    1. Brooke
      March 11, 2012 at 8:07 pm

      Give it a shot. It is worth it. YOLO. If you don’t you will forever look back on the situation and say “What If?”

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