• unknown of us to speak of this i must

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    You have said the words I cannot ever take back, and my breath hasn’t felt the same since it was goodbye. Life in general has been the same since our lifes was a real breath of fresh air in the mid of winter. You will never know how many letters I wrote and ripped up and thrown away or kept and saved them for only but myself. Scared to say the truth. You saved me from my pain and unbarrable life I was living. No one else could see what I saw when I saw you. It is a black and white picture that the colors came through.I was yours, and you was mine never thinking it would end. You held me like no other. Kissed me, and the nights was never lonley. You gave me hope and turnedmy world around. This was my fairytale, and it had to come crashing down. You was supposed to never let me go. Now sometimes I see you as you look at me and stare as if you miss me, and I walk away my heart starts to race and the memorise come back, and I think of you stoping me and hearing you vocie say it. Just say it. As I will write again on hereand tell yu all more.

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    1. Hold on
      March 10, 2012 at 7:56 am

      Holding on and never let go you must, once you find, what was meant for you.

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