• things i’ve learned in life so far.

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    Anybody can help you… young and old.
    Boys hurt you.
    Crap happens, cry about it, then move on.
    Dicks exist in this world don’t let it rub off on you
    Everyone has their own shit.
    Friends are not forever.
    Good things come in small packages… and big ones.. and weird shaped ones.
    Hell, it’s not a good thing to feel like.
    I love jason and kevin(exs)… and i believe i always will
    Joking around is good for you
    Kindness is something you should show everyday
    Love is a precious thing
    Me and you were supposed to last.
    Nobody is forever.
    Only you know who you are
    People walk away, let them. Because if they’re walking away they don’t care enough
    Questions; ask a lot.
    Rough days seem to never end.
    Sometimes you miss somebody you shouldn’t
    Today is a brand new day, make it worth living through.
    Umbrellas are unnecessary.
    Valentines day sucks when you’re single.
    World views shouldnt effect how you feel or view a topic
    X-boxes are a man’s best friend
    You can change the world
    Zones, or boundary lines shouldn’t be crossed

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