• it was only a weekend

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    it was only a weekend. i kept telling you that. i told you over and over that it didn’t mean anything. and by the end, i was ready to get out. there was only so much either of us could handle. you were obnoxious, insulting, and arrogant. i can’t even count the number of times you pushed me away. i couldn’t wait to be done with you.

    you were intelligent, powerful, witty, desirable. i wanted you and hated you. you surprised me with your depth and impressed me with your heart. you nonchalantly told me things that i suspect you don’t normally tell girls. i could never tell if you were serious or joking. you have this way about you that, when you speak, people listen. your words mean something.

    you made me so angry. the way you blew me off, made me feel like a burden. i wanted to leave and never come back. i was so excited and you just brought me down. i was sick of hearing about your so-called guilt. if you really felt guilty you wouldn’t have stayed.

    you took my breath away. every time you challenged me, mocked me, taught me, smiled at me, said my name. looked at me with those brown eyes. your eyes sparkle. your smile is crooked and mischievous. your hunger for me still makes me blush. you were so protective of me. you made me talk through the route so i didn’t get lost. you walked with me at night so i would be safe. if i didn’t text you, you called to make sure i was ok. i didn’t text you because i thought you were sick of me. you said you were sick of me.

    and that last night. we laid next to each other and just talked. you melted away all my anger. even your sarcasm looked good on you that night. you told me you believed in me. i believed you. you told me your dream. i never wanted to kiss you more than in that moment. you lied to me. i didn’t care.

    and when you took me to the train station, i told you it meant nothing. it was only supposed to strengthen our friendship, not ruin it. and i told you it was only a weekend. it was only supposed to be a weekend.

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