• how could you?..

    by  • March 9, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I have tried to ask you this so many times, but i could never get it to come out right. I don’t see how so much has changed in such little time. We were in love, engaged, and happy. I know we are young, but this never bothered us before. I remember the night you proposed, and how perfect it was. I remember you crying tears of joy, and holding me while i cried. This was four months ago, and today im fighting to get you back. your mother hates me, everyone knows it. I try and try to change her mind. She simply hates me because im not jewish, like her. She says that i would not be a good child bearier for you. This hurts to hear, and i know you defend me but you let it continue. We are trying to make this work, but its so hard. I love you so much, there are nights where i hold the ring and cry. You seem so unaffected. I try to be the best girlfriend i can for you. You tell me i only worry about my feelings, if only you knew how false that was. I always am wondering what youre doing, how you are, and if youre happy. I wish you would stand up to your mom like the man you are suppose to be and tell her how you feel. I wish i was worth the fight in your mind. I love you, more than hot cocoa on a winter night, and ice cream on a summers day <3

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